Texture Seal

Extend service life while enhancing Skid Resistance

Texture Seal is a safer and more effective treatment for rejuvenating and extending pavement life of good PCI roads at a very low cost.   

While agencies are often reticent to fog-seal busy arterial and collector roads due to the temporary loss of skid numbers, the Texture Seal process mitigates this concern by adding a micro texture finish all in one quick and convenient pass.

Using either our PASS QB polymer-modified rejuvenating emulsion or our FastSet quick curing polymer modified emulsion and our BSA-35 aggregate - a jet black, hard, angular sand, Texture Seal will seal, penetrate and restore oxidized surfaces, but not clog the void structure of pavements, which makes it ideal for open or gap-graded pavements, including rubberized (RAC) roadways.

  • One-pass application
  • Low cost
  • Extends service life by 3 to 5 years using PASS QB
  • Proactive pavement preservation strategy

texture seal
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