Local, Regional and State Roads and Highways

Now more then ever, our roadway networks face the challenges of increased traffic and effects of the environment, combined with rising costs and declining funding. Western Emulsions understands these challenges, having worked with state and local municipalities for more than two decades.

Lower the cost of road network ownership with preservation & recycling.

Each PASS® formulation pairs with unique treatment solutions that extend the service life of your road infrastructure. Effective applications of the right treatment on the right road at the right time enable you to defer expensive rehabilitation or reconstruction, lowering the road’s lifecycle cost at every turn. PASS® surface treatments offer the double benefit of providing rejuvenation to the existing pavement along with restoration of the wearing course.

Make road maintenance programs more environmentally sustainable.

In addition to the cost advantages, network-level programs focusing on pavement preservation and recycling will lower the carbon footprint of any maintenance operation. You maximize the high value of the existing asphalt and keep it on the road where it belongs.  Avoiding grind-out and removal of aged pavement reduces truck traffic on local streets, in turn reducing neighborhood inconvenience while lowering energy costs and emissions. PASS® emulsions work in harmony with these strategies, plus are free of solvents and ‘cutback asphalts’ which have high VOCs and can pose a threat to groundwater.