Recycling Asphalt Millings and overlay roads for up to 75% in cost savings

PASS ER is a new Engineered Asphalt Emulsion product formulated to help agencies save money by recycling stockpiled asphalt millings to construct new roadway surfaces. Local agencies can typically claim asphalt millings from state or local projects quite easily due to the increasingly high costs of trucking this material. The rejuvenating properties and quality asphalts in PASS ER make the recycling of these millings easier, yielding high quality project applications with consistent results.

Agencies using PASS ER are reporting increased initial bonding, quicker initial strength, better waterproofing and fewer instances of raveling.  Typically treatments call for a mat thickness of 3 to 6” and can be applied effectively and reliably to existing asphalt roadways requiring an overlay, or directly on compacted native base.

The PASS ER product allows for great flexibility in using and applying the recycled asphalt millings. Several application choices are available to agencies depending on available equipment, size of the job, and working conditions.

In addition to the environmental benefits of recycling (including reduction of greenhouse gasses and solid waste handling), customers save 60 to 75% in costs by using this treatment compared to new asphalt overlays. The savings vary depending on the local economics of acquiring asphalt millings.

Western Emulsions’ pavement preservation experts are available at no additional charge to consult on the application options, assist in project design, and QA/QC.


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