Part of a highly cost-effective Pavement Preservation strategy, PASS-CR restores failing areas, rejuvenates existing asphalt and seals cracks long-term, as a wearing course or interlayer application.

Crack filling prior to chip seal or overlay projects is one of the most time and labor-intensive activities carried out by maintenance professionals.     

PASS CR proves its value (and then some) when used in a scrub seal system, providing the benefits of a high-performance chip seal and rapid crack fill solution in one single application.  

The scrub seal application calls for a mechanized broom that scrubs the spray- applied emulsion into the distressed pavement, which may exhibit moderate to severe cracking.   Our rejuvenating emulsion is highly forgiving and works effectively with different aggregates, including high percentages of RAP.

PASS CR’s ability to seal cracks makes it a leading choice for use as a stress-absorbing interlayer underneath a slurry seal or microsurface.

Many agencies have found that the unique chemistry of PASS CR enables them to extend their work season, as the emulsion is more effective in cooler weather than conventional polymer-modified chip seal emulsions.

PASS CR is also highly effective as an alternative to solvent-based prime coats when used as a first course application on roads made of native base. 

Scrub Seal Application - Click to see a demonstration.

Native Base Application - Click to see a demonstration.

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