The Positive+ Solution to your pavement preservation needs.

Sunlight, water, and air cause asphalt pavements to oxidize harden and crack – leading to their gradual deterioration and failure.   Plastic+ Seal protects against these natural enemies, and offers long-lasting protection and beauty to all types of asphalt pavements.

Plastic+ Seal is a uniform emulsion of a specially selected acrylic co-polymer and a low aging-index asphalt in a cationic (positively charged) molecular formulation, which produces a faster set-time and stronger bond when compared to other sealer products.

-    Superior Bonding
-    Ultimate UV/Aging Resistance
-    Long-wearing, Flexible Finish
-    Faster “Set Time”

Plastic+Seal is recommended on all AC surfaces including slurry seals and micro-surfacing seals, parking lots, trailer parks and residential roads with speeds < 25 mph.


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