The Chip-Keeper

The latest emulsified asphalt product in the continuing evolution of the Chip Seal Industry. State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and advancements in polymer science merge to form an innovative chip seal material utilizing the distinct advantages of both High Float and Polymer Modified emulsions. CHFRS-2p is chemically designed to increase early chip retention allowing quicker return of traffic.

Field photos comparing CHFRS-2p to CRS-2p show an increased amount of asphalt binder adhering to the aggregate. What this means is greater initial chip retention and enhanced durability of the surface treatment. The faster the chips are down to stay, the faster traffic can resume. You can complete the job with confidence that CHFRS-2p is an efficient, durable solution for your chip seal needs. 

Extensive and rigorous testing bears out the assertion that CHFRS-2p holds chips tighter and does so faster than other chip seal systems.

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