Articles and Reports

Recent Trade Journal Articles

"In California, Scrub Seals Gain Favor for Cost, Cracksealing" from Pavement Preservation Journal (read)

"IT'S A RAP - Los Angeles County makes the best of what it’s already got" from Roads & Bridges Magazine (read)

"Pioneering Pavement Preservation in New Mexico" from Public Works Magazine (read)

"Recycling's Day in the Sun - ARRA Awards" from Roads & Bridges Magazine (read)

"The Right Treatment for the Right Road at the Right Time" - from Asphalt Contractor Magazine (read)

"Scrub Seal Using RAP, Premium Emulsion Serves Busy Interstate" from Pavement Preservation Journal (read)

"Solvent-free PASS-R & RAP is a hit" from Texas Contractor Magazine (view/download)

"Scrub-Cape Seal provides cost-effective solutiion" from Asphalt Contractor Magazine (read)

"Passing an Audition - Beverly Hills welcomes CIR" from Roads and Bridges Magazine (view/download)

"Cold In-Place Recycling" from Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction Magazine (read)

"Constrained Budgets and Asset Management: Weathering the Storm" from Pavement Preservatiion Magazine (read)

Industry Reports

"Urban Roads Report" - TRIP (national transportation research group) (view/download)

"California Local Streets and Roads Statewide Needs Assessment" - CSAC, League of California Cities, et. al. (read)

Technical Reports

"Evaluation of City of Woodland Cape Seal Project Placed in 2009" - California Center for Pavement Preservation (view/download)

"Comparative Analysis of Emulsion and Hot AC Chip Seal Performance" - Oklahoma University (view/download)